Ochelari de soare din skateboard-uri

Un japonez traznit transforma skateboard-urile in alte obiecte.

Haroshi, skateboarder inrait si el, foloseste placile rupte si uzitate pentru a crea noi obiecte.

The most important style of Haroshi’s three-dimensional art piece is the wooden mosaic. In order to make a sculpture out of a thin skateboard deck, one must stack many layers. But skate decks are already processed products, and not flat like a piece of wood freshly cut out from a tree. Moreover, skateboards may seem like they’re all in the same shape, but actually, their structure varies according to the factory, brand, and popular skaters’ signature models. With his experience and almost crazy knowledge of skateboards, Haroshi is able to differentiate from thousands of used deck stocks, which deck fits with which when stacked.

Printre ce a creat se afla si un model de ochelari de soare. Un model de ochelari de soare facut din skateboard-uri. How cool is that? 😀 Eu vreau o pereche. Ar face parte din colectia de „Obiecte cu poveste”, ce fel de lucruri mi-ar placea sa-mi cumpar mai des. 😉

Mai multe despre ce face, cum face.

sursă foto.

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