March 2018

After taking a break from posting on my personal social media profiles for one year, I’m still in a love / hate relationship with these platforms. Not sure how to approach it next, but still sure I want to cut back my time spent scrolling. Part of my attempt to reduce noise – defined as anything that doesn’t represent the main focus on a given moment, it can take the form of information, people or activities. Commonly known as distractions.

I’m barely active on Facebook and Instagram, but I use other accounts to create lists and collections of movies, books, articles & other stuff – so I (and maybe you too) can easily access the info, anytime. Speaking of which, I’m working on organizing all the information I find share worthy based on category and subject. Wish me luck. 😀

Last year I started a series of personal experiments in which I test out some of my assumptions. Or am simply curious about what happens. Or what other people think. This year I have in mind a list of products that I want to design and create from scratch myself. Part of my attempt to spend less time looking at screens and getting back to the basics. In other words, simplifying. (Re)learning to enjoy what is. More on this in a blog post. :))

Otherwise, still a smoker, who now has free days – 30% of 2018 so far. Also, I hope it will be the year when I end my 10 years break from sports. :))

This page is inspired by Cristina Chipurici, where I first found out about Derek Sivers’ project.

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Lista de la 11 dimineața

În fiecare lună aleg o temă despre care trimit prietenilor o scurtă listă cu cele mai faine materiale găsite de mine. Pleacă spre abonați în fiecare zi de 11.

Andra Magda

Scriu despre ce învăț din experimentele personale pe care le fac și despre ce-mi doresc eu să ajungă la cât mai multă lume. Lunar trimit prietenilor o listă tematică cu articole și info faine. Zic eu. :)