The Library. The giveaway. The reasons.

Last year, in September, The CEO Library – Romanian project – opened its doors to avid readers all over the world.

The idea was simple: a huge database of books, the people who recommend them and the reasons why.

I had no f#$ing idea how I got those books on my Kindle. I still don’t. No, let me correct myself on that: I know HOW they got on my Kindle, I don’t remember WHY, though. I was sure I read about them in some book or in some article, recommended by someone. Who, though? And why did I think it was interesting? I had no answer to this. – Bobby Voicu

Focused on assisting you to find ”the right books that will make a difference in your entrepreneurial journey. To put those books into context […].”, to present them in such way that you will understand how each book can help you and why is it interesting. Something that all my teachers from school failed to do.

The project evolves and provides valuable content through interviews, collections, its podcast and newsletter on a regular basis.

The numbers

  • 1.986 books recommended by
  • 2.560 people
  • 171 interviews
  • 7 collections
  • 31 podcast episodes
  • 1 monthly reading plan for aspiring entrepreneurs created by Bobby Voicu, investor and mentor
  • 1 weekly newsletter sent by Cristina Chipurici, co-founder

Not sure what to do with all these? Start by learning.

One of the collections – books related to a specific subject – is all about learning to learn. It is said to be one of the greatest ability you can teach yourself in the 21st century.

I looked over the 10 books recommended and, at least from my perspective, the team selected exactly the kind of reading materials that are not ”bullshitty / scammy / fluffy / media hyped kind of stuff” (as Cristina Chipurici said in her personal newsletter).


The News

The CEO Library put together its first giveaway. All 10 books in the Learning to learn collection. Enter here.

What’s interesting to me is Cristina’s honesty on the tactic to promote her project.

I hate giveaways. They’re shortcuts used by lazy marketers who aren’t able to think of something more creative and useful for their communities. – quote source.

As I said, not all giveaways are created equally. Most are lazy tactics from a marketing point of view, but some can really work in your favor. This means extra work if done right, of course. I’ll list some resources on the subject in a future article.

Meanwhile, if you work in Marcom, read more about the strategy and the mechanism behind The CEO Library’s first giveaway.

”[…] when people enter an online contest, they don’t want anyone else to find out about it, cause it only decreases their odds to win. Well, not this time: if you share it with your friends (through a personalized unique link), you’ll get extra entries – extra odds to succeed.” – Cristina Chipurici

What I think the mechanism is missing is the personalized link to share. I only have options through Facebook, Twitter, and email. Here’s an interesting read on a similar campaign done in 2013 by Harry’s for its launch.

And here are all the prizes: 

  • 1 prize of all 10 books
  • 6 prizes of 1 book each (of your choosing)

This being said, you should know it ends tomorrow. 😉

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