Spoilers on the future of work with Perry Timms at ‪TEDxBucharest‬

– when most people turn up to work they stop being them and become a job description
– the biggest problem we have now in work it’s stress. it’s people who actually have loved what they’ve done so much it’s running them into the ground (and are not supported or appreciated)
– we’ll see the death of the higher hierarchy
– moving managers out of the way
– it will be deconstructed from a job
– we need to find people that have skill, desire, energy and can learn. we don’t want to give them a job where half the things we ask them to do are not playing to that skill or strength
– the digitalization and socialization of work means we can say when, how or where we want to work
– it needs HR on board: should liberate people and not constrict them with policies and guidelines that box them in
– we need to be aware on what technology is doing to change how things are delivered or happen
– it will look like something when you log on at some extraordinary hour of the day because you had the idea that will just create something more meaningful in what you do
– we need to get used with the fact that not everyone is going to have a contract

Don’t get fooled into thinking that’s just all crazy kids who get this.

PS: Universitatea Alternativă (CROS) is the community he talks about in the video

also: emails are toxic

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