We don’t all have it figured out, and that’s okay

Famous-ish quitter, writer, comedian, waitress, Marina Shifrin, publishes her first book – 30 before 30.

We were going to be famous. We were so excited about our idea, a second bottle of wine was opened just for the occasion. “We’ll call it 30 before 30!” […] I was frantically writing everything down. […] A list of 30 things we absolutely had (to attempt) to do before we turned 30. None were too big and none were too small. – Marina on her blog.

First item on the list: Quit job

And she did. With a dancing video at the office at 4 am – the one that everyone was talking about at the time, in 2013 (with 19 million views in the first year).

I pulled up the YouTube video I’d posted strictly for the eyes of friends and family and made it public. I shut my computer and stared at the wall. I had just quit my job via YouTube. – Marina on LinkedIn, telling the story 2 years later.

The move seems spontaneous, but in fact, she was planning it before she got hired, as a strategic move.

I figured out what I needed to do and made a plan: write every day, move to Hollywood and get a manager. Four months later I got a manager, moved to Hollywood and began to write every day.

The book

On her 30 before 30 list, writing a book was no. 27. You’ll see that she wrote short stories about some of the items she checked off. The book is a collection of those stories.

[…] each story shows readers that we don’t all have it figured out, and that’s okay.

I did not read the book yet. The official launch is on the 24th of July 2018. But from what I’ve read so far written by Marina, I have a pretty strong feeling that it’s worth it.

Please follow this link for more writings by Marina Shifrin and her book

source: amazon.com/30-Before-Made-Mess-Too/dp/1250129710

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