If you’ve been here before, clearly you can see some changes.

Let me explain.

I was planning to do this only next year, but something clicked while I was sharing with my parents some of my future plans.

I made a radical change in my professional activity. I decided to focus on creating content as a freelancer, instead of working as a Marcom pro. (my main source of income in the last seven years). Basically, I’m just concentrating my energy on one thing instead of the many you can do in Marketing and Communications. In other words, on making, instead of managing.

One of the reasons I started both my personal projects – the newsletter and the blog – is because it will help me a lot with my work. I have the chance to really test some of my ideas without playing with anyone’s business, 100% on my own terms – because there’s no team to approve anything. I’m the only one thinking about everything and finding the best answer to any problem – aka. challenge / purpose. This gives me the chance to truly put into practice what I know and constantly improve my know-how.

And this is why I switched to English so abruptly. To learn. To practice.

The thing is that this decision also fits well with one of my content plans in the near future.

The only motivation I had from the beginning to post in Romanian was that there are so many awesome resources only in Romanian. By choosing one, I’ll have to give the other up. We’ll see how it goes.

Some other news

In 2017 (the whole year) I took a break from posting anything on my personal social media profiles.

This too will change.

I didn’t promote the blog and my newsletter in these first months since I restarted it. This has to change in order to honestly find if anything I’m doing has some meaning to anyone.

I’m gonna use:

  • LinkedIn – because I write a lot about work
  • Twitter – didn’t see the point before because almost no one is using it in Ro. anymore
  • Facebook – I had to create a new page for the blog because I didn’t get the approval for my request to change the name of the previous one

Here is where I’ll share my posts, so you can easily follow the blog on which one you prefer, along with many other resources and recommendations.

I’ll still use my Pocket account to share the best articles I read. And sometimes Instagram for quotes.

What else

The posts published in Romanian will still be available, you can browse them here anytime.

Because I believe some of them should not get lost (some should :)) ), I’ll translate / update those into new ones.

Hope you’ll find the news positive and to see you here again soon. 🙂

Sharing is knowledge


Andra Magda

Content Writer with a degree in Psychology and 10 years experience as a Marcom pro. in creative industries, education, and entertainment. Living in the heart of Transylvania.

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