8 creative styles we see in people

Jason Theodor is a Creative Director/Writer/Speaker/Consultant who specializes in ideation & problem solving for online brands & individuals.

Jason Theodor identified 8 (eight) creative types. So, I was thinking to share this with you, it might help someday.

He says that creativity is not about some romantic ideals, but about hard work and …here comes the good news… play.

Creativity is not a talent. creativity is a drive. – Hugh Macleod

In order to be more creative, you just have to want to be more creative. When dealing with creativity we have to remember 3 (three) core concepts:


Each of these concepts has pluses and minuses. For example, in other words:

  • Action: JUST DO IT. The weak spot here is that starting or finishing something is very hard.
  • Connection: all you have to do is MAKE ASSOCIATIONS AND CREATE MEANING. But sometimes it might be difficult to see the bigger picture.
  • Deviation: THINK DIFFERENT. Easy said. Easy done? Not really, because you have to find that unique voice.

All of the 8 creative types have something to do with these concepts. And here is the list:

  1. TAKER or the consumer
  2. MIMIC or the xerox
  3. PRODUCER or the machine
  4. EMPATH or the geek
  5. DREAMER or the wannabe
  6. CRAZY or the wildcard
  7. OUTSIDER or the recluse
  8. MAKER or the creator

The challenges all creatives encounter in their creative processes are all about: breaking barriers, finding focus and overcoming ordinary. The solutions are always the simplest ones. In order to get experience, you have to practice. If you make as many new associations as possible, you will get a better understanding of how things work. And, of course, to be able to express yourself, you’ll have to experiment as much as you can.

Going back to our creative types. Here is a little something about all of them:

  1. The taker / consumer: this one is a bit inconsistent. He craves a meaning and a voice, but also dreams about winning american idol. He desires to be more creative, but he submits to inertia. He also need a very patient mentor.
  2. The mimic / xerox: the mimics are especially designers. They need to work on deeper associations, storytelling and research. As I said above, they experiment a lot, to find their own expression.
  3. The producer / machine: they get things done, they are unstoppable and they have a fundamental understanding of their work. The producers prefer team work, because they have some difficulty with self-expression.
  4. The empath / geek: prefer the comfort of their own thoughts, live primarily in books and nowadays online. They might get stuck in rabbit holes (Metaphor for the conceptual path which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality. – urban dictionary).
  5. The dreamer / wannabe: the main issue with the dreamers is that they can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. If you know what I mean. They have problems with inertia and are filled with creative ambitions and ideas.
  6. The crazy / wildcard: full of passion and wild ideas, but lacking understanding and focusing ideas on a project. They scatter a lot and can’t finish what they start.
  7. The outsider / recluse: a person who withdraws from the world to live in solitude (urban dictionary); the outsider feels like this or like a fraud for many reasons. Didn’t find a strong passion about something or the meaning behind the work. Trying lots of different things and being very creative, but also feeling insecure.
  8. The maker / creator: this might be “the best” type there is. The creator has a well-balanced creative skill set, makes cool stuff on his own. He works, learns and plays.

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